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A Few Thoughts on How We Scale CrossFit WODs

April 3rd, 2017 by Jerrod Ruhl

The following conversation happens all the time…

Prospective Member- “I can’t do CrossFit, I need to be in shape before I can do that”

Me – “We can scale it to nearly any ability level.  Do you have any injuries or serious health conditions?”

PM- “No, I’m fine I’m just in bad shape”

Me- “Ok, so you’ll be fine, we just adjust the movement a little so it’s doable for you, I promise you’ll be ok”

PM then says “ok” but in their heart they don’t believe it.  They can’t imagine how the scaling of a CrossFit WOD is possible.

So here is how it works…

Workout of the Day (WOD)
5 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats with 95lbs for men 65lbs for women

(This is a CrossFit benchmark WOD called NANCY)

Good athlete does this in 15 minutes or less, give or take.  They handle the load in the overhead squats with no problem, probably doing each set of 15 unbroken (without setting the weight down).

Here is what it looks like for the newbie….

3 Rounds:
200m Run
10 Overhead Squats to a box

The amount of weight we use for the prospective member in this workout will vary based on the ability level.  It could be an empty barbell, it could be a 5′ piece of PVC pipe that weighs nearly 1 pound.

They sit to a box, height varying based on dimensions of the prospective member.  Our coaches will know base on watching the prospective member do some body weight “air squats” (squats with no load/weight).

The box adds and element of security for the person to sit to.  Most people sit in chairs all day long, so sitting on a box with a 1 pound piece of PVC overhead is pretty doable for most.

We can adjust even more if need be.  It could be do just a “air squat” without anything overhead.  It could be they run a little more or a little less.  Others might use the rowing machine instead of running.

Regardless there is a way to scale the workout.

That prospective member just needs to have the courage to walk through the door and give it a try.

If you’ve always wanted to try CrossFit but have been hesitant to try because of your current level of conditioning, please call us or email us.  We will be more than happy to walk you through it.


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program designed around the things you do in the real world. Every day, you bend down and pick things up, you put things over your head, you squat down, you stand up, you run after your kids or jump over a puddle. CrossFit prepares you for all that and then some, by performing those exact movements in our workouts. We use exercises from Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and track and field, and the programs are always varied, so your body is always adapting, getting stronger, faster, and better conditioned.

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